Thursday, August 13, 2009

Picked some begonias!

My "art daughter", Tamara sent me some bulbs about 3? years ago. I had commented that I loved the flower but they were so hard to grow! Turns out her dad owned a nursery in Santa Cruz, CA that specialized in begonia bulbs.
She surprised me with several of these beauties! I found the right spot and they keep coming back!!!!!
Artists are the most generous friends!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm crying a good way! I was thinking about my dad all day yesterday. Telling him how much I miss him and wish he could be here for just an hour so I could give him a hug and hear his laugh. And here he me a hug through you!!!!!

    Thank you Peggy! You are so special to me!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love begonias too. And wanted to tell you I adore the pics of the sunset you took. They are awesome!!