Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Painted garden dress!

Just for fun!
I had a faux silk dress and decided I wanted to walk in the garden. So I painted this 15 years ago for a garden party! I still have the dress, lord knows why!!!!
Flowers are painted on the hem all the way around the dress. I used craft acrylic paints!


  1. Wow - it's lovely! Those flowers almost look like they were appliqued or embroidered on. I would have kept it too. Ya just never know when you might need a garden gown! nancy

  2. WOW peggy....just the thing to wear when out in the garden!...but be careful the bees don't attack you...vbg.

  3. WOW!!!! Nice paintings, Peggy!!! This dress is perfectly CHARMING!!!!

  4. Love the dress! Perfect for the garden.

  5. what beautiful fabric painting this is~!~ i can certainly see why you haven't parted with this dress . . . perhaps it's time to repurpose it into new works of art~!?!~


  6. Woweecazoweee!! I love that--you shouldn't question why you have it still!! You could go into business with that!! oooo, would make cool aprons too!