Monday, January 4, 2010

Relatively speaking!

Cabinet cards from my mother and mother-in-law's families!

click on images!


  1. Dearest Peggy,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Firstly, I wanted to mention what a lovely blog icon you chose of the Nun with the umbrella. I was so happy to see you have posted these beautiful cabinet cards. I've never seen a cabinet card I haven't liked. The lovely woman in the first photograph looks like she had her outfit painted on her. I'm besotted with the details on the dress of the second woman, and her spectacles suit her lovely face. When I double click on to the 3rd photo of the family portrait, I can see so clearly all the fine details, down to the fraying of the smallest girls dress. Amazing clarity there. The woman in the 4th photo has such beautiful eyes, and a sweet air of confidence about her. Finally, the last photo has me trying to guess what their relationship is...I couldn't decide if they were sisters or daughter and mother. Please do tell! I'm so glad to have seen this post.

  2. These cabinet photos are wonderful! And I am enchanted with your artful banner! Is this your art? Fabulous!!! I love it! Great blog and I've signed on to follow!

  3. What beautiful memories!!! Cabinet Photos are so beautiful...wonderful blog I too signed on to follow...will be back.

  4. Fantastic photos! Great memories!