Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two Dog Ranch! Kenwood CA!

A friend of mine in book club recently moved up to Sonoma area. They will be building a new home and in the meantime are living here at Two Dog Ranch! She asked the group up for a visit!
It is a wonderland set among the vineyards.
Thought you might like to visit this enchanting place also!
Thanks to janice and terry!
Terry added the flowers in the frogs champagne glass just for us!

Please click pic for details!

1 dog
2 dog
A little Photoshopping to dress him up for halloween!

Veggie garden

By pavilion

Their "renter"


  1. gosh these are some awesome photos. i do see a likeness to both dog 1 and 2 in my house. lol I would like to jump right into these pics!

  2. PG, Many thanks for sharing your photos! I felt so lucky to be there with all my "bookies" to share the day. Perfect, except for missing, Myra, Robin and Peggy W.
    Janice and Terry, what a treat of a day!

  3. Wow...what a beautiful place - looks like you we're really "roughin' it!" Nice job with the devil dog ; p - Dan & Gina